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Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

The K4 Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer combines power and energy potency through its cool induction motor leading to exceptional performance and an extended life. The machine has associate degree81-MeJKYIAL._SL1500_ Eco switch so you’ll be able to cut back energy and water consumption by up to twenty percent in barely one click.

Here is what we get while purchasing this premium model:

  • Greatly designed water-cooled motor with an aluminium pump
  • 20% less water consumption due to Eco rotary switch
  • High-pressure hose for a quick connect system
  • Plug ‘n’ Clean System for quick and convenient changeover between different detergents
  • Ability to pull water from the water butt, pond or a bucket.
  • It comes with a 5 years of guarantee by the manufacturer
  • Each Kärcher machine is individually tested before being allowed to leave the factory

Kärcher K4 Premium Eco reviews:A1erVi0P+VL._SL1500_

I bought this pressure washer about a week ago and I am still very excited with this purchase I made. After reading comments on the internet I was wondering how people could be saying that it was hard to assemble as it took me only about 10 minutes and it was very straight forward. Once it is set up everything is stored neatly and the power cable so as all the other attachments has its own place to go. I would recommend to move the unit by using the handle instead of yanking it along with the hose, because it has a tendency to trip over and it could damage something. I used it on wall decking and patios and I am impressed how well the dirt was coming off. So I can easily state that this unit is very powerful and its ideal for any job outside the house. I hope it will last for many years. 

Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

Nilfisk is one amongst the biggest makers of cleanup equipment within the world and it is a professional’s choice, it launched the first domestic pressure washer within the Great Britain in 1985. Using their wide experience on the subject Nilfisk brings you the C110 4-5 X-tra PC a real high performance pressure washer. 613t3qUWKhL._SL1242_Made up of top quality raw materials this machine can do what you’ve bought it for – clean the drive area, brickwork, garden furniture, car, bike with speed and ease.

All Nilfisk pressure washers have a blue impact – resistant, reusable plastic casing that protects the machine from dirt and harm. The attached wheels make moving the pressure washer safe and simple.

Metal Pump

Made of light-weight aluminium, yet robust pump. which is that the heart of that machine. Delivering long lasting very good performance.

Click and Clean

For fast and straightforward modification between nozzles or accessories. This nozzle construction makes it simple to alter between the various accessories – they only click into the lance and may be free through pressing the fast unleash button.

Quick Coupling

This is a connecting system between the engineering science spray handle and therefore the five meter long high hose. The hose merely clicks into place and is intended to produce an anti-twist swivel operate making certain quick and straightforward handling of the hose with none complications. An unleash button ensures disconnection is straightforward. The spray handle conjointly includes a trigger lock for extra safety.

Spray Lance

The spray lance includes a bayonet association into the spray handle, 360° rotation and includes the intrinsic  depression nozzle for flushing away dirt.

Auto Start-Stop

Effective once mistreatment the ergonomically designed spray handle for fast management and safety. The machine start-stop aboard the thermal detector cut out protects the motor/pump and saves water. 5 Metre high Hose and five Metre electrical Cable with Fitted united three Pin Plug. Large operating space means that you do not ought to keep moving the pressure washer.

Recent Nilfisk C110 reviews:

We had beforehand acquired a neighbor’s much bigger porch cleaner, yet with an Amazon voucher chose to purchase our own. We did wonder if the smaller model could truly do what it asserted to, yet we were pleased with the outcome. We mostly used it for washing up the driveway, cars and the decking. Great kit, especially taking into consideration the price of the machine. Is as good as he previous jet I had, which was 3 times more expensive. It is well built, looks solid and all the accessories work very well, however I have not used the foam sprayer yet. Definitely recommended. 

Kärcher K4 Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

The K4 Home Pressure Washer combines power and energy potency through its cool induction motor leading to exceptional performance and an extended life. 71jefW97NJL._SL1500_ Associate upright style, wheels and long handle ensures complete quality and therefore the on-board storage answer suggests that the trigger gun, hose and accessories will be stowed showing neatness with the machine in order that they’re continuously close. The ‘Home’ package includes a T250 terrace Cleaner and a one L Stone three in 1 detergent that permits larger, even vertical areas such a garage doors, to be cleaned quickly and while not splashing.

A fine mesh filter prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor and three-piston axial-flow pump, while a security valve eliminates any chance of pressure overload. The proprietary plug-and-clean detergent system permits the easy addition of any of Kärcher’s full vary of detergents to help in obtaining the optimum lead to your improvement task.

All Kärcher K4 Pressure washers will work employing a static or harvested water supply like a water butt. Water will either be drawn into the machine through a regular hose connected to a water tap. The K4 is intended for varied tasks together with cleaning cars, bicycles, garden furnishings and fences, in addition as medium sized areas around the house.

Here are some recent Kärcher K4 Pressure washers reviews:

After conducting 6 months of research I have finally decided to make a move on this pressure washer, I was taking into consideration the price and the sustainability to my needs. 91bGRBIDAyL._SL1500_It arrived from Amazon after 3 days. Honestly the K4 is a first class device, very easy to set up, and it took me about 10 minutes to assemble. I used it to clean the car with a snow foam bottle attached with the karcher. I managed to clean the roof above the patio area  in the garden and most of the paths and then I switched it back to the ‘vario’ lance for some windows cleaning around the house, and now everything is clean and shiny. It is very simple to switch between the ECO and the normal mode, depending on the surfaces you will use it on – this is according to the manual. I am very pleased with the machine I ordered and would recommend it to anyone.

Kärcher K2 Compact Air-Cooled Pressure Washer

The K2 Compact is Kärcher’s tiny, light-weight and easily movable machine; thereby making it extraordinarily simple to store after use, even within the most starved homes. 71ayjLZkScL._SL1500_A Dirtblaster Lance that, with its rotating jet spray, provides up to five hundred percent stronger power than a typical pressure washer. All the accessories, which come with this model can be easily stored on the device, without taking any additional space.

The control button on the device will switch the motor and it will turn it off once the trigger gun is pressed or released, while at the same time the built-in water filter will prevent all the dirt from damaging the motor.

Designed by German engineers to be used on smaller areas round the house it’s ideal for things like outside furniture, bikes and cars. All Karcher K2 Pressure Washers may also be used from a gravity fed harvested water supply like a water butt tap.

Kärcher K2 Compact Air-Cooled Key features:

  • Lance, trigger gun and cable storage
  • Detergent suction tube for the application of detergents
  • Every Kärcher Pressure Washer is individually tested before being allowed to leave the factory91g9xXLtzIL._SL1500_
  • Compact, powerful and lightweight
  • The K2 Compact comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Water inlet filter prevents dirt particles from damaging the pump
  • Ergonomic carry handle

K2 Kärcher pressure washer reviews

This is an excellent product. I used it to clean up my yard, which had developed some nasty green stain and I have to admit after applying the K2 Pressure Washer the result was amazing. The machine works very quietly and its very powerful. Be careful while using it as it is quite powerful and when I was rinsing the bin it cut my wrist and took the skin off, so never underestimate its power. Everything does its job, the lance constantly twists the water to make it even more powerful. Would highly recommend to anyone.