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Buying a Pressure Washer – Complete Guide

Pressure Washer is actually a mechanical sprayer of water at high pressure and is used to remove mud, grime, dust and mold from buildings, automobiles and other items. It is generally specified by actual volume of water in liters per second or per minute or per hour.

Description of the device:

Basically pressure washers are combinations of a motor that drives water pump supplying water at very high pressure; trigger switch and a suitably long high pressure hose. Pressure washer complete guideThese accessories make a complete Pressure washer to be used for cleaning applications in home as well as in the industry. Cleaning household items and automobiles is fun with this high pressure washing machine. Hose is generally connected to a water tank or water supply directly. Almost all the models have in built control buttons to regulate water pressure. It also helps in turning on or off the system.


Depending upon the energy they consume, pressure washers can be classified as Electric, Petrol, Diesel or Gas Washers. Petrol, Gas and Diesel washers have storage tanks to store the fuel for their operation. Such washers can be easily shifted from one place to other or to remote areas where power supply is not available to work with.

Common features:

A good quality Pressure Washer must essentially contain inbuilt automatic stop and start motor so that water does not flow continuously in the cleaning process, thus preventing wastage of water. Specified power of the motor must be above 1200 watt and it must have air cooling system to radiate the generated heat. Inlet of pump should be fitted with Water Inlet Filter so as to prevent device from debris with water.

Though professional Pressure Washers may be heavy but normal duty pressure washers should weigh around 5 Kilogram so as to make them handy to work with.Cleaning a car with pressure washer Storage space for detergent should be provided on the device itself so that at the time of drawing water, it also draws detergent, providing efficient cleaning. Hose pipe of high quality which can withstand high pressure should be provided for at least 4 meter length.

Considerations in selection:

Difficulty in use, source of power utilized, warranty provided with product, extra accessories like cable, hose and dirt blaster provided in supply, space available for soap or detergent, price, quality and service facility by the manufacturing firms are the main considerations in its purchase.


Reliable and trusted manufacturers that provide quality products are Karcher, Nilifisk, Bosch and many more. Their products are displayed on their websites with all specifications and pricing. Compare them for your own requirements.

How to place an Order:

Compare various models to your own requirements and select the most suitable one with desired source of power. Product can be purchased from physical stores in market or through reputed online shops like Best-Pressure-Washers as purchasing through online shops is slightly cheaper due to absence of middle man. Moreover, online shops also offer discounts time to time to make the product more pockets friendly.

Gardening tools and Pressure Washer

Gardening tools are extremely helpful in digging, cultivating, grooming, and pruning your garden. Some of these are given below:

  • Garden Spade – Spade has squared-off, flat blade with short-handle. This is the best for digging planting holes, edging beds, working soil amendments, slicing under sod into garden. ShovelsWithin one pinch, one can make use of spade for chopping ice on walking area. Because of its versatility, it is mandatory in tool shed.
  • Shovel – Typical garden shovel has concave (dished) blade that is mildly tapered or rounded at its tip. Maximum shovels will have long-handle though short-handle ones are also available. As the blades are canted at specific angle for handling greater leverage, shovels are ideal for attacking sand piles, soil piles as well as various other materials that one needs loading or moving.
  • Garden Fork – You can easily dig into soil with 4 straight and sturdy steel tines offered by garden fork. It is sometimes called spading fork and is a great tool for aerating and turning the soil. It can be used for breaking-up soil chunks as well as for working with organic matter, different fertilizers, as well as many other amendments into soil. Garden fork can easily cope with occasional buried rocks or roots and comes handy for perennial clumps.
  • Hoe – Hoe helps you to remove young weeds as well as cultivate soil in garden bed. Simple hoe basically is square, straight-edged blade that is attached at right angle to long wooden handle. This will be useful in chopping soil clumps and scrapping soil surface for cutting-off those sprouting weeds. If tilted at some angle, blade corner traces neat planting furrows. Swan hoe comes with curved neck whereas diamond hoe has diamond shaped head perfect for weeds pulling.
  • Trowel – Trowel is for planting bulbs, various plants, and seedlings in garden bed. These come with wide or narrow cupped metal blades and sturdy handles in addition to tapered tips.
  • Flexible Rake – It is flexible, flat fan also called lawn rake. It is bent at tip and tines will be made using metal, plastic, rubber, or even bamboo in varying styles. It helps in gathering light debris spread out on lawns, walks, and beds as well as for raking up leaves.
  • Hand Weeder – It is miniature of hoe and used for dirty-and-down weeding. It has short handle, straight-edged blades that allow working between the plants in bed.
  • Other Gardening Tools – These include watering can, watering tools, hose, sprays, safety glasses, gloves, power lawn mower, seats, kneelers, and many more.

Pressure washers also help in gardening work and can be used for removing grime, algae, and dirt. When purchasing this machine, there are some basic ratings that must be considered. First is HP that is horse power that its engine can generate. Next is Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) which calculates amount of water pressure that is between spray tip and pump. Other two are cleaning power units (CPU) and gallons per minute (GPM). Water pressure components include pumps, drive system, electric motors, motors, engine, and gas engine.

Silverline 102580 Pressure Washer 1650W 105bar Max

High power light weight washer, with an Auto stop/begin feature that naturally initiates and deactivates the light weight cleaner each time the trigger is started. 61yNjvuQObL._SL1000_

For similarity all through Europe, this item is supplied with an European Euro standard plugin and a British plug connector as well.

Perceived and trusted all through the UK and Europe, Silverline’s exhaustive scope of apparatuses meet both present and future demands. New items, using the most recent innovation, are being conveyed consistently, guaranteeing Silverline clients receiving the extremely most advanced technology.

The Silverline has a wide range of products, it has over 5000 different hand and power tools for the most common usage around your house or a workshop.

Subjected to careful testing, Silverline pressure washers agree to the extremely most recent measures in quality and security. 81stK2BGPAL._SL1000_Through consistent observing and change of their suppliers, they supply devices that are sanction and affirmed with long ensures, so you can make certain you’re putting resources into the best apparatuses available today.

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Silverline is focused on supporting human rights and maintaining good and moral guidelines. They screen their production network firmly through a controlled system of manufacturing plant reviews and evaluations. To pass our review, all suppliers should effectively follow all significant nearby and universal enactment and show a decent, protected and sound work space.

Most recent Silverline pressure washer reviews:

This is a very decent low weight washer, little however with a lot of force, it has sufficient energy to do your car, or a patio. Easy to use, the hose could be a bit longer, however it does it job. Fully recommended. 

Extremely satisfied with silverline pressure washer, cleaned porch and external walls easily, so little & light simple to carry around the garden, comparable to my bigger and more expensive washer, which uses much more energy.

Good product, fine quality, good value for money. It got my patio looking as good as new.