We Review and Compare the Best Pressure Washer in UK 2020

Best Jet Washer for cars, home, patios, driveways, decking.

Best Jet Washer for cars, home, patios, driveways, decking.

One of the most common appliances used for washing and cleaning the toughest corners at home is the jet washer. It can efficiently and incredibly clean the place which is tough to clean. Removing grease, sticky mold, and dirt from complicated parts of your devices can be pretty tough. With this, cleaning has become super easy. This can be considered as a superior instrument, which helps to clean various appliances around your house and items such as your car, patios, driveways, decking, furnish, terrace furniture and the most striking feature of this is that, it can even clean the motor elements of your car which are very hard to reach.

What is a Jet Washer?

It is basically the best jet washer which uses a hose pipe to derive water from the pipes. The main functionality of this device is cleaning. The water is forced out of the device thus water which comes out due to high pressure is used to clean your home effectively. A jet washer is also used for industrial purposes.

What are the main elements of a Jet Washer?

This is the same as an ordinary hosepipe used for cleaning gardens. The only difference is to boost the pressure to such a large degree that water from the pipe comes out at enormous pressure. The hose nozzle present in the tube is used to increase the pressure of the out flowing water. However, other than this, there is also the pump, which main functionality is to increase the power of the out flowing water from the machine. Apart from this, a few accessories which come along with this appliance are as brushes, extension ward, foam applicators, a few adapters and a spray gun.

These accessories make the cleaning process much more effective and smoother.

A few ways that will help you decide which Jet Washers to buy

  • The kind of job you are using it for is very important.
  • These can be used for some home based as well as some industrial based work.
  • Being aware of your jet pressure increases the functionality of the appliance.

Device used for household purpose

Best Jet Washer for cars

Among household purposes, which are very important the types of work the machine could handle are outdoor furniture, grills, car washing, the patios and small decks. Now comes, what to look for in a water pressure while buying it?

The device must be compact and very lightweight. It must also come with a high-pressure hose; it must also have a variety of nozzles, a steel wand for spraying water, a detergent tank and a power chord. Since you will be using the jet washer for household purposes, 2000 to 3100 psi of gas engine should be enough for the use. You can use it in decks, siding fences, patios boats, and vehicles.

What to look for?

Since you will be using it for the household purposes, you can use a premium overhead engine with a brass or aluminum head which handles higher pressure. It should be of heavy duty frame with poly-braided or steel high-pressure hose. All the above-mentioned qualities in a jet washer should be enough for household purposes.

Jet Washers for professional use

However if you would be interested of applying the jet washer more professionaly, the basic jobs of a professional jet washer are such as painted stripping, graffiti removal, surface preparation, cleaning jobs at a construction site and a fleet maintenance.

What to look for in a pressure washer for commercial purpose?

Since you will be using the jet washer for a professional usage, you should use a commercial series engine with a triplex pump. It should have a welded steel frame of heavy gauge, along with this a steel braided hose of high pressure will meet your use. You can also use pressure washers of heavy duty tires, apt for commercial usage.

How to use Jet Washer

After buying the right device for the right purpose, people often have difficulty using them properly. Thus, here are a few tips which will make your work easier.

  • Try rinsing all the vertical surfaces from top down and wash it from bottom up.
  • Color codes on the jet washer nozzles indicate the forcefulness and the narrowness of the spray pattern. Green indicates 25 degrees white indicates 40 degrees, red indicates 0, white means 40 degrees whereas black is used for low-pressure soap rinsing.
  • Generally, the broadest nozzles of low pressure can deliver good performance because using too narrow nozzles can easily cut the surface which you are trying to clean.
  • Test your washer on something before you apply it on the surface, which needs to be cleaned.
  • Always remember to add gasoline before you fill up the fuel tank of the washer.

You can find them in the market easily

The jet washers are easily available in the market. It is not a new device, and with time, the cost has gone down to a great extent. You can find these in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Pick the one which will be of use to you. Washers which are petrol driven are usually more powerful than those who are electric driven. However, some of the most common driven by electricity are lower cost and lighter in weight than those which are petrol driven.

Think before you buy

Always keep in mind what you are going to use the jet washer for. If you are using it for residential purpose, then try the medium sized ones which can be used on a daily basis. For professional use, a medium sized electric jet washer is enough. You might think that more pressure means easier work. However, using a narrow nozzle with high pressure can potentially damage the surface on which you are applying.

Why use a Pressure Washer?

Best Jet Washer for patios

The question must be why not to use a pressure washer? It saves you a lot of other cleaning costs, which can be easily met by the jet washer. You get to handle some of the toughest cleaning jobs easily with the help of a jet washer. These come in a variety of options and sizes. Small business owners and homeowners can find small units of work to be easily handled by a washer whenever needed.

Small unit washers

Small unit washers are specially made for domestic use. These come in small sizes which can easily fit in a corner of the closet. Take it out whenever you need it and use it at your discretion. These are usually 1300 to 1700 watt units and are really made of lightweight, and they deliver the right amount of power needed for the domestic purposes.

Commercial purpose washers

The washers for commercial purpose require a lot of punch and strength when it comes to cleaning. These can deliver from about 10 liters of water per minute and can vary up to delivering 22 liters of water per minute. Commercial washers are generally used for powerful cleanings on asphalt and concrete.

Cold and hot water washers

Jet washers come both with the cold as well as hot water. While, the hot water pressure washers have many benefits when it comes to cleaning tough dirt from the surface. Hot water washers can deliver up to  90 Celsius degrees of water. The washers which are designed for hot water cleanings comes with the temperature control settings.

Power options

The power options available in a jet washer vary from one device to another. Many domestic cleaning units might use normal electricity for the power whereas, some of the commercial based jet washers use petrol as their driving source of power. However, gasoline and petrol powered washer can be used in areas where electricity is not available.

You can use this for a variety of tough cleaning jobs

Manufacturers have started manufacturing washers, which can be used for both heavy duties as well as light jobs. You can cut down the cost of professional cleaning with the use of a simple jet washer. The added advantage to the equipment is that it saves you a lot of time and money both of which are really useful in day to day lives.

Is it as strong as a professional washer?

There might be some confusion in people’s minds regarding this. To some, this device might not come off as strong as you thought it would be. But, if you can do your research properly, you will see that the kind of jet washer you have in mind is available in the market. Reason behind this is that nowadays technology has become so advanced that it helps you to have the exact kind of a device you have in mind. And sometimes you do not even require high power washers. Your needs can be simply met by some of the household units. These are inexpensive devices which will go a long way and thus, you can save a great deal of money.

Never buy on intuition

Always perform a good research on the model, which you want to buy. Taking a recommendation from different people can easily confuse you. Thus, what are you waiting for? Order a good quality jet washer now and see the difference!