How to clean a car using a Pressure Washer

Cleaning of car with pressure washer helps to maintain it to great extents. It is the first step in maintaining its original shining. High pressure water cleaning completely removes mud, dust, stubborn bird droppings, algae and ground staining on car.Pressure washers cleaning a car Accessories required with Pressure washer to clean the car are hose with pressure nozzle, protective goggles and quality detergent solution.

Durable and Reliable Pressure washers:

Some of the most reliable and durable Pressure Washers in the market are Bosch AQT 37-13, Nilifisk C 110 4-5, Karcher K 2, Karcher K 4, Karcher K 7, Nilifisk C 120 6-6 and many more in a number of air cooled and premium models. These models are eco friendly and with all necessary pressure nozzles for car washing and also for other cleaning operations in and out of home. In homes, usually electric powered High Duty Pressure washer is used.

When to wash a car:

Vehicle should be washed at least once in a fortnight because heat, sun exposure, salty environment may damage the look of paint on the car. During snowy season, clean the car weekly because salt may cause lot of damage to chassis and engine also on snowy roads. Pressure wash removes accumulated salt and dirt on surface and bottom of car very precisely.

Instructions in its use:

Follow these instructions in their use to get best cleaning results without damaging the car:

  • Nozzle size as recommended by the manufacturer should be used and should always be set at best possible widest spray angle.
  • Before starting the cleaning, wear safety goggles, closed toe shoes and ear protection to counter loud voices of gas powered pressure washer.
  • Before putting on the pressure washer, connect one end of hose pipe to outside facet and other to the pressure washer.
  • Be comfortable with water pressure through nozzle before directing it towards the car, so that pressure of water may not damage the car. Use a pressure washer to clean a carLearn controlling the trigger gun and efficient spray pattern.
  • Spray water, all over, starting from roof and going towards ground with an angle below 45 degree between water spray and surface of the car. Spray water on car from at least 4 feet distance. Do not use ladder to spray water on roof because it may misbalance you because of pressure recoil.
  • Good quality cleaning detergent solution which is car friendly is mixed with water in quantity as recommended by the manufacturer with the help of a storage tank provided on the Pressure Washer.
  • Concentrate on cleaning one area and after cleaning it move to another area.
  • When cleaning detergent solution has got mixed with water as recommended by manufacturer, remove siphon tube from the tank of detergent solution.
  • In the end, remove soap from car surface and rinse the entire car to make it soap-free.

Observe prescribed safety rules while washing vehicles with Pressure Washer operated by electric/ gas/ diesel/ petrol resource. Good quality high pressure washer will serve home needs in car cleaning.

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