Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

K4 Full Control is considered to be a wonderful asset Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washerfor every home owner that is just suitable for every job. This gadget has been designed by its manufacturers for providing its users with full confidence for optimizing results from high pressure cleaning. Simply by having the spray lance twisted, it is possible to have pressure varied depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned as well as the dirt level.

Its salient features

The Full Control Power-Gun can help check LED display trigger gunthe selected pressure level through LED display. It effectively means that an ideal set ting can to avail the desired results with every cleaning task undertaken. There is provided a home kit in which a 3 in 1 stone is offered in one Liter bottle along with façade cleaner and T350 patio cleaner. Its extendable aluminum handle helps transporting the pressure washer simple, while making for neat storage solution. The power washer base comes with a stability foot that helps it be termed as a highly stable product and making the machine to be worked without having to put much effort.

The warranty offered on the product is for a period of three years.

Other essential aspects to consider

This product weighs about 11 kg and is a standalone type. It comes with a dimension of 5.9x4x5.1 cm. Karcher K4 Pressure Washer ReviewsIt requires 2 AAA batteries for operation. It has wattage of about 1800000 Watts and flow rate of about 420 liters per minute. It has a cord length of 5 meters and hose length of 6 meters.

The connected lance and Full Control power-gun can be conveniently stored on the device when taking breaks while cleaning. It is possible to have the detergent replaced quickly using plug n clean system just requires a simple movement. On-board lance and hose storage has been designed in a manner to be easily accessible and handy. The product comes with aluminum telescopic handle and high impact wheels which makes it to pull height conveniently and to be retractable fully for simple storage.

This product has been enjoying wonderful washers reviews and has been stated to be effective at cleaning stone work and terraces.

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