Kärcher K7 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer


Karcher K 7 Premium Eco home water cooled pressure washer is a high pressure efficient domestic washer with long life and enhanced performance. It is quite powerful to remove stubborn moss and algae on porous surfaces. Its hose is quite long to clean round a car without moving pressure washer.


The product is fitted with automatic start/stop long life water cooled motor. It is provided with eco switch to reduce water and energy consumption by 20%. A dial is provided in front to regulate amount of detergent during use. Detergent container can be easily cleaned by just plugging and various types of detergents can be used in it. Rotary type Ergonomic switch has been added for easy operations.

Ten meter long high pressure hose with crank handle for easy winding is provided along with quick connect system. Inlet filter of good quality is provided to prevent entrance of debris in pump body. The product has excellent mobility because of provision of wheel fitted upright handle. It has capability to draw water from static water sources such as ponds, water butt etc.


The product is priced at 472.99 pounds. It is 100% tested for efficient working and is guaranteed for 5 years. The product supply includes Vario lance, dirt washer, T 400 T-racer patio cleaner, eco Universal plug and clean detergent, suction hose, 10 meter long high pressure hose pipe and trigger gun.


The product is best suited to clean cars, bicycles, garden furniture, caravans, patios, decking and large number of other items. Cleaning around residence is best done with it.


Parts need protection from frost. It leaves black spots after cleaning tiles.


Karcher K 7 Premium Eco home water cooled pressure washer is strongly recommended for domestic use being wonderful in performance.

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