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Karcher Patio Cleaner T 300 T-Racer Patio Cleaning Pressure Washer Accessory

This extremely relevant tool can make your cleaning 100 times faster and easier than it was before! I have read a lot of glowing pressure washer reviews across the internet, before splashing out on the Karcher patio cleaner tool myself. I’m using it with a Karcher K4 and K7 and it really is superb it genuinely makes cleaning the patio more like vacuuming the carpet, but just with the use of water.

Kärcher Patio Cleaner T 300 T-Racer Patio Cleaning Pressure Washer Accessory

Here are some tips on how to use it

Kärcher Patio Cleaner T 300 T-Racer Patio Cleaning Pressure Washer

– Works excellent on stone and brickwork; also seems less prone to removing pointing than using the lance. You can actually hold it vertically against all kind of walls to clean bricks quickly and effectively.

– The “hovercraft action” is not a gimmick. The tool really “floats” on the spray and it makes maneuvering the machine quick and easy.

– The steel extension rod supplied with (as a handle) can also be used for a lot more other accessories (make the lance/car brush longer) which was a nice and very useful surprise.

– It is very well built – seems like it will last – better than the other accessories I’ve seen with the K4 and other models.

Here are the most popular features of this Karcher patio cleaner

  • Cleaning splash back protection
  • For patio flooring, wooden decking, tiles and concrete.
  • Two dirt blasting nozzles.
  • Works five times faster than regular spray lances.
  • Has hovercraft effect.

Check the most popular Karcher Patio cleaner reviews from its regular users:

Kärcher Patio Cleaner T 300 T-Racer Patio Cleaning

I have ordered this accessory online and got it from Amazon within 3 days from ordering. It lets you to power-hose your patio and paths avoiding the usual splashing effects and flying debris. After unpacking the device it feels to be made of decent materials associated with Karcher. It has the large disc with a nylon brush that touches the floor. It was easy to get it all set up. We tested it on the driveway, and I was impressed with the amount of sprayed water that was used in order to get it nice and clean. Certainly it does the job done properly, I would recommend this to all the people who had problems with moss building up.

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