New Trueshopping® ‘Mega Blaster’ Jet Power Pressure Washer With a 165 Bar Pump & 2400W Motor

This Trueshopping Pressure Washer comes with 2400w and 165 Bar in addition to patio cleaner and other accessories. It can reach maximum 50 degree Celsius of water temperature and weighs ten kg. In addition to this it also offers rotary brush and patio cleaner. Some of its unique features include aluminium pump, in-built hose reel, and automatic start-stop feature.

This is a brand new product introduced in the market and within few days of its release, it has gained immense popularity because of its features and functionalities. This is an excellent pressure washer used for performing multiple tasks. It is highly efficient, reliable, and powerful machine that is capable of handling all sorts of outdoor tasks and that too with utmost ease.

It is fitted with 2400W powerful motor in addition to 165 Bar smooth pressure pump. The pressure washer has the ability of delivering 110Bar of constant pressure from nozzle. There is in-built 5m hose that is one of the most unique features of this pressure washer.
71NSVD85+TL._SL1000_This helps in easy storage of this device. It also offers wheels for simple movement and in-built detergent tank. Automatic feature for start and stop is there so that as trigger gets released, engine stops running. This saves energy as well.

This pressure washer can deliver excellent reliability and power so as to offer impressive and enjoying cleaning results. Its spray gun can be adjusted as well requirements of the user. Moreover, it comes with wheel mounted feature so that moving the device from one place to other is pretty simple. The entire set will include instruction manual, nozzle cleaning pin, patio cleaner, snake hose, rotary brush, quick connector, turbo lance, hose with 5m hose reel, in-built soap bottle, pressure washer unit, and adjustable spray gun.

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